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Of the 566 children who were unable to creep, 366 (64%) began to creep for the first time. This is to say that they defied gravity to move to the third dimension and now get all over the house on hands and knees.

CREEPING (Mobility Stage III)

When children begin to move in a counter-gravity situation for the first time by getting their bellies off the floor and moving themselves forward on hands and knees, they have begun a great adventure - one of the greatest in all life.
They have given up total security in exchange for the speed and ease of movement. Whereas before they had the security of lying flat on the floor (you can’t fall off the floor), they also had the problem of dragging their bodies along the floor in the least efficient way. Now they have sacrificed this security for the efficiency and speed.
While crawling is movement for movement’s sake, creeping is movement that is goal-directed. An infant crawl across the room to get across the room.
Since their last evaluation, the following children have advanced to the ability to creep and now do so.

DANIEL ALLEN is 25 months old and is from Wales, Cheshire, England. At his initial evaluation in July 2014, he could move his arms and legs and was Stage I in mobility. By August 2015 he was creeping for transportation, up to 140 meters in a day.

TIMOFII DIDENKO is 46 months old and is from Kiev, Ukraine. At his initial evaluation in April 2015, he could move his arms and legs and was Stage I in mobility. By November 2015, he was able to creep for transportation, from 900 to 1500 meters in a day.

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