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Of the 743 children who were on anticonvulsant medication, 482 (64%) were completely and successfully detoxified. Of the remaining 261 children, 34 are in the process of complete detoxification.


At the time of initial evaluation, 53% of our children have a history of seizures at some time in their lives. In 1993, 37% were currently having seizures (that within one year prior to their initial evaluation) and 31% were on anticonvulsant drugs. In this group, the maximum number of drugs taken simultaneously was three. Despite these medications, seizures often continued unabated; 84% of the children currently having seizures were receiving anticonvulsants.
Because of sedation and other undesirable side effects of the drugs, a program of medication reduction is undertaken with great care under the direction of our medical staff. In 1993, we succeeded with complete elimination of such medication in more than 67% of our children. Of these, 47% had no seizures for a minimum of 6 months following detoxification.
Detoxification refers to the successful elimination of any neuroactive medication, such as anticonvulsants, stimulants, anti-depressants, narcotics and tranquilizers. The following children are now completely detoxified.

ANDRES NOTBERG is 8 years 4 months old and is from Tartu, Estonia. At his initial evaluation in November 2012, he was taking Sinemet. Since detoxification, and as of May 2015, his seizures had decreased from 10 times per weeks to 4 times in 6 months.

ARSENTII GLAZUNOV is 45 months old and is from Krasnoyarsk, Russia. At his initial evaluation in April 2013, he was taking 100 mg of Depakene. Since detoxification, and as of January 2015, he has had no seizures.

YUUMI OYAMADA is 69 months old and is from Kumamoto-shi, Japan. At her initial evaluation in February 2011, she was taking Phenobarbital. Since detoxification, and as of January 2015, she has had no seizures.

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