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Of the 1,744 children who were on the program for 12 months or more, 493 (28%) achieved perfect health for at least 12 consecutive months. Of these, 191 had no illness for more than 24 months, and one had no illness for 12 years, 3 months.


Many brain injured children, in addition to their developmental problems are chronically ill and some are in life-threatening situation because of their constant illnesses.
A pediatrician expects an average child to have 9 to 12 respiratory illnesses a year and is not overly concerned until the frequency is greater than that.
Once a child begins a full neurological program, we expect to see a dramatic improvement in his overall health. In fact, our objective is no illnesses or conditions such as prolonged allergies, seizures, and fatigue that cause an interruption in either performance or alertness.

The following children, while doing a strenuous neurological program, have achieved the objective of no illnesses for twelve months or more. The average months of prefect health for these children is 24 months. The following children have achieved perfect health for the number of months indicated:
TOMORO TAKI – 12 months
SAYA KAWABATA – 12 months
MIRCA LAUDADIO – 24 months
ARNE BREKKE – 70 months

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