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Of the 1,710 children who were unable to read, 1,661 (97%) read for the first time.

READING (Visual Stage VII)

It is difficult when describing that superb function, reading, not to use words in impossible combinations such as “most unique” Man has six unique functions, each of which is a product of the human cortex. One of these is reading. While it is not possible for one function to be “more unique” than another, it is true that the animals closely approach man in some of the other functions, such as walking upright. This is not so in reading.
The following children have, since their last evaluation, unlocked the door to all that is beautiful and true that has been written in their own language. It is interesting to note the present age of these children who can now read at least one hundred words.

TOMORO TAKI is 41 months old and is from Fukui-ken, Japan. At his initial evaluation in February 2013, he had an incomplete light reflex in both eyes and was at Stage I in visual competence. By July 2015 he could read at the 6 years-old level. He especially enjoyed reading about the human body and people he knows.

Jing En Wang is 29 months old and is from Selangor, Malaysia. At her initial evaluation in October 2014, she could see detail within 50 cm and was Stage III in visual competence. By July 2015, her program had included 600 words, 70 couplets, and 8 homemade books. She enjoys her reading program and easily demonstrated her reading ability.

ELLEN EVELYN TAMPUBOLON is 39 months old and is from Jakarta, Indonesia. At her initial evaluation in August 2013, she had a delayed and incomplete light reflex and at Stage I in visual competence. By July 2015, she was able to demonstrate he ability to read words and phrases.

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