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Of the 684 children able to walk, but not run, 354 (51%) learned to run for the first time.

RUNNING (Mobility Stage VI)

As a child walks, his coordination matures and his ability to deal with gravity in the upright position improves. In his never-ending search for more efficient mobility, he begins to accelerate his walk. He leans his body forward and lifts his feet higher off the ground.
At first these movements are jerky and he can sustain his speed for only a few seconds. He begins to trot. This is the first step towards running. With practice, he learns to maintain the upright position while traveling through space. As he gains experience his pace acquires velocity and for a split second both his feet leave the ground and he glides. He is now experiencing the sheer exhilaration of running. These children have become runners since their last evaluation. They can run at least 100 meters nonstop in cross-pattern.

STELLA DONTAL is 33 months old and is from Washington, DC, USA. At her initial evaluation in April 2014, she was creeping for transportation and was at Stage III in mobility. By November 2015 she could run on any surface, including up and down hills.

CHAITANYA AMPOLU is 9 years 11 months old and is from New Delhi, India. At his initial evaluation in January 2014, he could walk and at Stage V in mobility. By August 2015 he was able to run 400 meters nonstop.

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