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Of the 1,414 children who couldn’t speak, 591 (41%) spoke for the first time.

TALKING (Language Stage V)

Only human beings, using the unique human cortex, have been able to make sounds and to assign abstract, symbolic, conventional meanings to those sounds. The result has been human language in hundreds of forms, including English, French, German, Swahili, Spanish and Portuguese.
Since their last evaluation, the following children have begun to consistently use a vocabulary of at least ten words and at least two couplets, and to do so spontaneously and meaningfully.

YIN KWAN CHEN is 36 months old and is from Hong Kong. At his initial evaluation in November 2012, he had a vital cry and was at Stage II in language competence. By July 2015 he could say 20 words and 2 couplets.

SZE ERN CHOY is 44 months old and is from Selangor, Malaysia. At her initial evaluation in December 2013, she could make meaningful sounds and was at Stage III in language competence. By August 2015 she was able to speak over 20 words and 2 couplets.

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