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Of the 1,353 children whose comprehension was not yet equal to that of the average three-year old, 1,198 (88%) were able to understand at least as well as a three-year-old for the first time in their lives.


Babies begin the complex and seemingly miraculous process of decoding human languages at birth. It is a process that we tend to take for granted except, of course, when it does happen.
After young children develop an understanding of meaningful sounds, they begin to understand words and finally, simple sentences.
When a child can understand at least two thousand words and hundreds of simple sentences, he has reached a major milestone in his quest for neurological maturity.
At this stage, he can understand two step or three step instructions and grasp the concept of tomorrow and yesterday. He has in other words all the basics of human auditory understanding of language.
For the average child, this process takes three years to achieve. The following as well as or better than an average three-year-old.

DANIEL CIPRIANO is 6 years 6 months old and is from Quezon City, Manila, Philippines. At his initial evaluation in July 2011, he understood a few words of speech and was at Stage IV in auditory competence. By November 2015 he could follow 3-step instructions and had a good understanding of time concepts. He could also read at a 6-year-old level.

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