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Of the 589 children who were unable to walk, 309 (52%) began to walk without help for the first time.


When a baby stands and for the first time lets go of all the furniture to take an independent step, he has made a move of great importance individually and historically. He now accepts the risk of defying gravity, except for the contact of a few square inches of the soles of his feet on the ground. It is exciting, it is dangerous, it is exhilarating, it is the highest of man’s mobility adventures. In terms of mobility it is full citizenship at last.
These children have become walkers since their last evaluation. They can stand up in the middle of the room, can walk across a room independently and they choose walking as their means of mobility.

ROYCE NOBBS is 37 months old and is from Sarina, Queensland, Australia. At his initial evaluation in March 2014, he could move his arms and legs and was stage I in mobility. By December 2015 he could stand up independently and carry an object. He could walk 100 meter no stop and a daily distance of 3500 meters.

MATILDE VINCENTI is 45 months and is from Torino, Italy. At her initial evaluation in January 2014, she could creep and was Stage III in mobility. By July 2015 she had been walking for a few months and could walk up to 2000 meters a day.

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