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Of the 766 children unable to write, 194 (25%) wrote for the first time.

WRITING (Manual Stage VII)

Writing is the ability to express language in a symbolic fashion using a tool. Like reading, writing is also a product of the human cortex. In terms of manual competence, writing is the highest Stage of the cortical function.
The following children have, since their last evaluation, started to write or type words as a new and meaningful method of communication.

MILA TOFFLING is 52 months old and is from Massachusetts, USA. At her initial evaluation in January 2012, she had a grasp reflex in her right hand and could grasp objects with her left hand; she was at Stage III in manual competence. By October 2015, she could type independently on a keyboard.

ARASH ALI MOIN is 8 years 1 month old and is from Haryana, India. At the initial evaluation in December 2012, he could write the letters of the alphabet and was Stage VI in manual competence. By November 2015, he could write at least 200 single words in both English and Hindi and at least 10 sentences in English.

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