Frequently Asked Questions

My Child is only 6 months old, isn't it too early to start her on the program? What is the hurry and why is it so important to start early?

The most crucial time for children is the period from birth to 6 years of age. Researchers have concluded "The Production of synapes in the brain is strongly linked to the ability to learn and it peaks around 6 years of age. 

Therefore, parents definitely assume a more critical role in their child's intellectual development than any classroom teacher. The program allows the child to experience (such as language and visual exposure, and other forms of stimulation) during this period, the basic foundation for the child. These experiences are the single most important predictor of later intelligence, school success and social competence.

I am a working mother and I don't have the time. Do I have to be at home full-time to do the program?

Definitely no, each family decides the amount of time and energy they wish to devote to the program.

Our experienced counsellors will be able to help you create a schedule suitable for you. We will guide you along the way until your children are on the road to really reading. As a general guide, all you need is mere 10 minutes a day!

I don't want to stress my children so early, I want them to enjoy their childhood. Isn't this program too much for them?

Education may be stressful to most children. On the contrary learning is not, especially when presented in a fun & loving way.

The word "learning" is not synonymous with the word "education". Education begins at Six - while learning begins at birth!

All children love to learn and are superb learners.

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