The Institutes Developmental Infant Crawling Track

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The Institutes Developmental Infant Crawling Track is the perfect environment for beginning your baby’s mobility development. It is constructed of yellow and green polyethylene foam and folds in half for portability and storage. When opened, it measures 19" (49 cm) wide / 6.7" (17 cm) high / 46.5" (109 cm) long.

The track is wide enough to enable the newborn to move his arms and legs easily, yet narrow enough to enable him to push off the sides with his feet. Because the track is straight, it keeps the baby moving in a straight line rather than moving backwards or pivoting in circles when he first begins to move.

NEW! Now includes a metal frame to support the crawling track when inclined.

The protective sides form a barrier against drafts and protect the newborn from falling out of the track. The surface is easy to keep clean. Use mild soap and water, and rubbing alcohol to keep it disinfected.

How quickly a newborn learns to use his arms and legs to move forward is a function of how easy or difficult it is for him to move in the first few days or weeks of life. Give your baby as much time as possible to use this environment.

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