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Stories From Parents

Jacqueline, Singapore:

Baby Twins, Elizabeth and Eva who is able to read at the age of 15 months old. The Twins attended Doman Advantage Class.

"After 9 months of your daily flashcards, Twin A surprised me today when she put her fist to her ear to indicate telephone when I showed her the word (among 9 others in the series I was flashing silently to see if they could really recognize words)! She didn't move when shown the other cards. Couldn't wait to share this with you and Teacher!" 


Mrs Purnama, Singapore:

Baby Chloe who can read from the age of 21 months

I attended the “How To Multiply Your Baby’s Intelligence” course when Chloe was a little baby. Upon completion of the course, I began Glenn Doman’s home-based teaching programs immediately. Her daughter was only 12 months old at that time. Within the next short span of 11 months, Chloe was able to recognize a great number of words.

Today, Chloe continues to acquire new knowledge and hone her learning abilities; thanks to her parents who have placed her on the pathway to literacy. Home is the best place where parents can teach their very young child to learn spontaneously.


Benedict Ng, Singapore:

Baby Clare who starts crawling at 9 months old

“We started showing my daughter the information bits when she was about 1.5 to 2months old. Though she could not make up the object because of her lack of vision, she was able to focus through hearing. As the months gone by with improved vision, she was attentive with the bits of information and wanting to feel it with her hands when the cards are presented to her.

She has trouble crawling at 8 months old and was not happy about it, however we persist and was see improvement after two weeks. After a month of course, she is now able to crawl
without any support at the age of 9 months. We just have to dangle a carrot to motivate her to crawl!”


Stephen Tan, Singapore:

“My son, Timothy started the Glenn Doman program late when he was close to 2 years old. However, with the tremendous support from the consultants at Glenn Doman Singapore, after 9 months, my son has started on reading books!

He is now 9 years old and has been doing very well in school with minimal or almost no supervision from us at all. He was also been accepted into the Gifted Education Program which is only for the top 1% of students of his age in Singapore!”

Lisna Chia – Singapore:

"Alexander could do spelling about colours (ie YELLOW) when he was 2.5 years old and nobody ever taught him how to do that. How powerful Glenn Doman programme is!

He is now 4 years and can spell more than 50 words. He can also count from 1-thousand and do simple math equation – plus, minus and multiplication. Most of the time, he does the equation correctly as he always double-checks his calculation with the calculator. This is because I flashed dot cards to hi since he was 8 months old.

Alexander is now interested in reading books about universe, science, etc and he can read English and Indonesian books by himself without my supervision as a mother. He can explain to you how metamorphosis of a butterfly which he learnt from one of the books. He can even locate the page of the subject he wants to read by looking at the index.

When he was 3.5 years old, he impressed the staff from Science Center by saying all the nine planets' name correctly, beginning from the largest to the smallest. Although his Chinese is not as excellent as his English and Indonesian, he can understand and read sentences and simple poem in Chinese.

One more thing…which I believe is indirectly linked to Glenn Doman…he can play the song 'Twinkle Twinkle Little Star' on a keyboard when he was only 2 years old."

Chen Chen and Kai Beng – Singapore :

"Our 8 month old baby is ready for problem solving! After our advance math workshop on Friday night, we tried problem solving with him and he managed them all correctly. We held the dot cards in front of him and he can point out to us the correct number and when we left the dots on the floor, he was able to crawl to the correct number.

It is really amazing what a baby can learn just after two months of teaching! This does not show that my baby is a genius but it tells us how important it is to provide the correct exposure in order to maximize his potential to the fullest. I'm totally convinced now that the program works for my baby."

Janet Prasad – Singapore:

"I met Dr. Glenn Doman himself in 1989 and started his gentle revolution program with my daughter. She could read by 18 months old, now she is an excellent reader at primary two. I had also started the program with my son from birth, and he is able to solve Math problems, read phrases and physically superb at 15 months. I will always be very inspirited by this work."

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